09:0009:15Welcome and introductory information
09:1510:00Invited Talk: Prof Ole-Christoffer Granmo
The Tsetlin Machine – From Arithmetic to Logic-based AI (slides)
10:0011:30Paper session 1:
Azqa Nadeem, Sicco Verwer & Shanchieh Jay Yang:
Suffix-based Finite Automata for
Learning Explainable Attacker Strategies
Petter Ericson & Anna Jonsson:
Grammatical Inference: Strengths and Weaknesses (slides)
Enrique Valero-Leal, Pedro Larrañaga & Concha Bielza:
Extending MAP-independence for Bayesian network explainability (slides)
Marco Virgolin, Eric Medvet, Tanja Alderliesten & Peter A.N. Bosman:
Less is More: A Call to Focus on Simpler Models
in Genetic Programming for Interpretable Machine Learning
11:3012:30Panel 1: Transparent models and explaining uncertainty
14:0014:45Invited Talk: Dr. Anil Yaman
On the Emergence of Collective Intelligence (slides)
14:4515:45Paper session 2:
Leila Methnani, Andreas Antoniades & Andreas Theodorou:
The AWKWARD Real-Time Adjustment of Reactive Planning (slides)
Krist Shingjergji, Deniz Iren, Felix Böttger, Corrie Urlings & Roland Klemke:
Interpretable Explainability for Face Expression Recognition
Ronald Siebes, Victor de Boer, Roberto Reda & Roderick van der Weerdt:
Learning and Reasoning over Smart Home Knowledge Graphs (slides)
15:4516:45Unconference/excursion (the weather permitted!)
16:4517:45Panel 2: Transparency and efficiency in practice
18:30LaterWorkshop self-organised and self-paid dinner at
(google maps link – take Tram line 24)
Note that the schedule is tentative and subject to change